Every troop has a uniformed adult who is their scoutmaster. A number of assistant scoutmasters help the scoutmaster. Here are the Troop 80 scoutmasters, the year they started with Troop 80, their careers, and their comments.

Adrian Kok, Scoutmaster

2017 - Product manager

Can't get enough of the outdoors, Adrian strives to share his love of the mountains and trails with the scouts.

“This experience is such a wonderful way for the boys to learn important life skills.”

John Fitch

2011 - Mechanical Engineer

Loves practicing outdoor skills with the boys: Fishing, orienteering, backpacking.

“My son has slept under the stars over 150 nights, and he knows how hard it is to lead a group. Where else could that happen?”

Cyndi Gyugyi

2006 - RN, Photographer

One of our best climbing instructors. Loves any trip with photo opportunities.

“My son discovered himself with guidance from Troop 80. It changed his life.”

Nate Gyugyi

2006 - Student

Eagle scout, NOLS grad, competitive rock climber, environmental management student.

“Troop 80 will always be an important part of me.”

Eric Lane

2014 - Consultant

Loves getting the boys out into wild places and doing social service.

“Troop 80 draws boys from all around the south bay. There is a reason they make the trek.”

John Loud

2006 - Engineering consultant

Former scoutmaster and impetus for our climbing program.

“Learning respect and leadership through hard work and fun in the outdoors is something our kids need.”

Scott Segelke

2013 - Engineer

Experienced rock climber and backpacker.

“Our boys are getting experiences that would otherwise be missed.”

Steve Sherman

2003 - Engineering Consultant

Boyscouting knowledge that is wide and deep. Former Scoutmaster, ASM, and Pacific Skyline Council representative.

"A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting room. - Lord Baden Powell ”