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Find troop 80 photos  organized by event name and year. We drop photos into a couple of locations: Our Google Drive folder collection, or our Google Photos Albums. These are both found below. Click on a slide show below, summarizing many Troop 80 activities.

Troop 80 Summary Photos

Troop 80 Google Photos Album Collection:

Summary Photos of Troop 80


January: Mt Diablo Snow Prep


December: Slate Creek

November: Pinnacles

October: Los Gatos Creek Bike Trip

August: Laurwood

July: Camp Hi-Sierra

June: Klamath Rafting

May: Sunol Backpacking

April: Joshua Tree

March: Grant Park Orienteering

February: Snow Camping Pinecrest


December: Angel Island

November: Mt Diablo Climbing

October: Boardwalk

September: Monterey Bay

July: Lake Alpine

July: Desolation Wilderness

July: Camp Hi-Sierra

June: Calaveras

May: Boulder Creek

April: Joshua Tree

March: Willson Peak Henry Coe

February: Lake Alpine Snow Trip

January: Laurwood snow prep


December: Mt Diablo

November: Pinnacles Climbing

September: Joseph Grant Park

August: Hawk Camp

July: Camp Hi-Sierra

June: Truckee Rafting

April: Joshua Tree

March: Henry Coe

Jan: Mt. Diablo


August: Emigrant Wilderness

July: Shasta/Klamath Rafting


Dec: Angel Island

Nov: Pinnacles (Climbing and Recruiting)

Oct: Shed Building

Oct: Laurwood

Sep: Big Sur camping

Aug: Lake Tahoe Emerald Bay Climbing

Aug: Rae Lakes Kings Canyon Backpacking 2019

Jul: Camp Hi Sierra 2019

Jun: Lost Coast Backpacking

Apr: Joshua Tree

Apr: Laurwood

Mar: Pt. Reyes Backpacking

Feb: Snow Camping 2019

Eagle Jacob Thome 2019

Eagle Will Fitch 2019

Jan: Winter Prep Black Mt.


Pinnacles Webelos Camp and Climb 2018

Goat Rock Climbing 2018

Pinnacles Webelos Dec 2018

Laurwood Oct 2018

Santa Cruz Boardwalk 2018

Arroyo Seco Swiking 2018

Camp Hi Sierra 2018

Channel Islands 2018

Channel Islands by Cyndi 2018

Trinity Alps 2018

Laurwood April 2018

Pinnacles March 2018

Hotel de Zink 2018

Snow Camping 2018

Playground Project 2018

Mt. Diablo 2018


Summary 2017

Eagle Ryan Bahl 2017

Court of Honor Dec 2017

Sailing 2017

Pinnacles March 2017

Mt. Diablo 2017

Laurwood Oct 2017

Camp Hi Sierra 2017

Lassen 2017

Lassen 2017 Select

Loon Lake Canoe 2017

Grave Decorating 2017

Mothers Day 2017

Laurwood Spring 2017

Joshua Tree 2017

Hotel de Zink 2017

Snow Camping Sugar Pine 2017


Camp Hi Sierra 2016

Grant Ranch Dec 2016

Sequoia Park 2016

Mt. Madonna Webelos 2016

Laurwood Sept 2016

Mission Peak 2016

Climbing Instructor Practice 2016

Edgewood Park 2016

Mothers Day 2016

Joshua Tree 2016

Indian Grinding Rock Caving 2016

Hotel de Zink 2016

Snow Camping 2016

Black Mt. 2016


Court of Honor Dec 2015

Angel Island 2015

Goat Rock Climbing 2015

Santa Cruz Boardwalk 2015

China Camp Sept 2015

Mt. Tam China Camp 2015

Camp Hi Sierra 2015

Skyline to the Sea 2015

Rafting 2015

Laurwood May 2015

Grave Decorating 2015

Joshua Tree 2015

Forest of the Nisene Marks 2015

Horse Trip Ansel Adams Wilderness 2015

Mt. Tam Climbing 2015

Trash Pick Up 2015


Sunol 2014

Cragmont Climbing 2014

Court of Honor Sept 2014

Laurwood Sept 2014

Big Basin 2014

Sailing 2014

Grave Decorating 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Snow Camping 2014

Stanford Dish 2014

Goat Rock Climbing 2014

Mt. Tam Climbing 2014

Pt. Reyes 2014

Eagles of 2014


Lassen 2013

Joshua Tree 2013

Tech Museum 2013

Camp Hi Sierra 2013

Mt. Madonna 2013

Harlem Globetrotters 2013

Hiller Aviation Museum 2013


Yosemite 2012


Highland Croft Summer Camp

Troop 80 Google Drive collection of photos: