Learn a Skill

Troop 80 is in the wilderness a lot. There are always new skills to learn to keep trips safe, adventurous, and fun. Here is a list of skills we practice.

Comprehensive videos on all backpacking skills. Everything from gear and food, to fire building and river crossing. www.cleverhiker.com

Animated Knot-tying lessons with great pictures. Climbing, tarp setting, survival are all important categories.

Setting tarps: 25 different ways. We rarely use self standing tents.

Orienting a map and compass. Learn to paste the map to the surface of the earth.

Fire Starting in Harsh Weather. Practice in difficult conditions so you’re ready.

Knife Choice and Care. Be safe, practical, and prepared.

Dehydrating Food. We dry a lot of our own food so our packs are light and delicious.

Other Resources:

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