Santa Cruz Boardwalk by Shantanu the Sand Wizard

It was a dark and stormy night…………..uhhhhh…… wasn’t dark or stormy and it definetly wasn’t nighttime, but I will never forget that castle we built in the sandcastle building challenge at Santa Cruz Boardwalk. The Santa Cruz Boardwalk campout was the most thrilling campout I’ve ever been on with my Boy Scout troop. That’s because of all the rides and the beach. It all happened on October 7 and 8th.

The drive to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk was quite interesting because the adult who drove a few of us was quite talkative(not in a bad way). So, we talked about the election, like what happened in previous years and what Trump said and what Hillary said. But, we also talked about Hurricane Matthew and some other natural disasters. The topic that I found quite interesting was cars, and what were the coolest cars they’ve seen. I like cars. I’ve seen 5 Ferrari's, 8 early 1900s Fords, 10 Nissan GTRs, 3 Lamborghinis, 1 Alfa Romeo, 2 Bentleys and 1 Rolls Royce.

When we got there, we had to check in and find a spot at the Boardwalk. Finding a spot was the most difficult thing we had to do because there wasn’t much space anywhere. It took a long time, but we finally found a spot. We started to set up the tents and unpack our gear. Before we went to dinner, we went on a swing ride that takes you into the air and swings you around. I was scared at first(as I am not good with heights), but I got to like it a lot. Then we set out for dinner.

After dinner, we could go to the beach to watch a movie or play on the beach. We chose to play. We played many games, like ancient scout circle. Ancient scout circle is a game where you have to push your opponent out of a circle drawn into the sand to get him out. Also, we played mini contests, like piggy-back riding. My friends and I went to the edge of the water and heard the seals. But, eventually we got bored, so, we talked about video-games and some T.V. shows we liked.

In the morning we had a sandcastle challenge. It was full of fun and excitement. Our castle was the biggest of them all. We were planning and building at the same time. We started to build the moat first and then the main castle. While the main castle was being built a farm, a village, a beanstalk that was made out of a large stick with some seaweed, and some ancient ruins were some extra builds we made to coexist with the castle. The castle was built with Italian and Aztec or Mayan (I forgot which one) architecture was used.

When we were close to finishing our masterpiece, we sent a few us to tell the judges that we were almost done. The judges came and were very surprised. After a few minutes, we found out we had won first place in the challenge. We were very happy and got a small trophy and some arcade cards that could be recharged. We used the cards at the arcade and went on some fun rides. We finally had to leave for home.

In conclusion, I felt really ecstatic about all the events that had occurred in the Santa Cruz Boardwalk campout.